BULLETIN 94-001 Third Party Inspectors as Members of IHB Inspection Teams

In accordance with Department Rule 70.60, concerning IHB plant certification inspections, the Department has elected to use a third party inspector (TPI), in some cases, as a member of the IHB certification inspection team.

Section 2(B) of the IHB Certification Inspection Program (effective February 1, 1994) defines the criteria the TPI must meet to be chosen to act as part of the certification inspection team. In addition to this criteria, each TPI who wishes to be considered as an IHB certification inspection team member must provide the Department with a signed notarized statement that:

  1. he has read and understands the IHB Certification Inspection Program for Texas and will perform the inspection within the parameters of those procedures;
  2. he has read and understands the IHB In-Plant Inspection Program procedures;
  3. he will not solicit as a client the manufacturer being certified during the course of the certification inspection; and
  4. he will consistently and uniformly implement the policies and determinations of the Industrialized Building Code Council with regard to interpretations of the standards and rules.

It is important to understand that an inspector who is used as a member of an IHB certification inspection team must be available for the duration of the inspection. Some certification inspections may run for 2 or more weeks. Generally, the inspection team will remain in the plant the whole of the first week of the inspection. Thereafter, requirements for the inspector to be in the plant will be determined by the manufacturer's construction schedule. Remember, the primary responsibility of the team leader is to direct the activities of the team and to answer questions or resolve problems that may arise during the course of the inspection. The inspector is responsible for the actual inspection of the modules or modular components and for reporting his findings to the team leader.

Questions concerning this bulletin or the certification inspection procedures should be directed to the Industrialized Housing and Buildings section of this Division at (512) 539-5735.