Department rule 70.61(c) [relating to in-plant inspections] requires third party inspection agencies to provide the Department a written schedule of inspections a minimum of seven days prior to the inspection. Please limit, whenever possible, your inspection notifications for a particular date to one page. Notifications may be mailed, faxed, or E-mailed to the Department at the above address. If the notification is faxed, or E-mailed to the Department, it is not necessary to follow up with a hard copy in the mail.

Please inform the Department immediately of any canceled or rescheduled inspections. Notification of scheduled inspections is necessary to allow the Department to schedule monitoring inspections. Inadequate notification of a canceled inspection could result in the manufacturer still being charged for a monitoring inspection.

Department rule 70.51(b) requires that inspection reports be filed with the Department each week or at such intervals as the Department requires. Please limit your filing of ORIGINAL inspection reports to the beginning of each month, i.e., submit inspection reports for the month of October to the Department at the beginning of November. Inspection reports should be filed for the previous month no later than the 10th day of the following month. Please do not fax us copies of inspection reports.