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Information Packet - In-Plant Inspections

Occupations Code, Chapter 1202, Industrialized Housing and Buildings Law

The Chapter 70 rules governing Industrialized Housing and Buildings

In-plant inspections of manufacturers certified to construct for Texas are performed by third party inspectors registered with TDLR and approved by the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council.

List of third party inspectors and inspection agencies

The procedures and inspection forms necessary to perform these inspections follow.

The "In Plant Inspection Program" – This document describes the procedures to be followed when performing an in plant inspection for the Texas IHB program. Reference sections 70.72 and 70.51 of the rules governing industrialized housing and buildings.

Inspections are documented on the following report forms and are available in Acrobat PDF format. The forms are fillable and can be saved to your computer with the information you fill in.

Procedures for Documenting In-Plant Inspections, revised 08/2017 (204 KB download)

In-Plant Inspection - Summary of Units Inspected - Cover Page of Inspection Report, Form #IHB210 (640 KB download)

Plant Inspection Procedural Checklist, Form #IHB022 (636 KB download)

Commercial Energy Inspection Summary Sheet, Form #IHB212C in PDF format (2 MB download)

Residential Energy Inspection Summary Sheet, Form #IHB212R in PDF format (631 KB download)

In-Plant Inspection - Monitoring of System Testing, Form #IHB213 (58 KB download)

In-Plant Inspection - Deviation Report, Form #IHB214 (620 KB download)

In-Plant Inspection - Form to Clear Deviations from Previous Inspections, Form #IHB215 (113 KB download)

In-Plant Inspection - Possible DRA Approval Error, Form #IHB216 (71 KB download)