Midwives Educational Summit


The TDLR Midwives Educational Summit is a one-day educational conference, hosted by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, for the purpose of discussing emerging topics and best practices in midwifery.


The last Midwives Educational Summit was held virtually on Friday, December 10, 2021.

Continuing Education

A certificate for six hours of continuing education (CE) credit, will be emailed to licensed midwives who:

A certificate of attendance will be issued to individuals who meet the requirements above but are not licensed.

Certificates will be sent to the email address provided when registering for the summit.  Please allow a couple of weeks for processing the certificates due to the holidays.


If you are licensed and registered for the Midwives Educational Summit, please complete the survey by December 17, 2021, to receive continuing education credit. 

To complete the survey using your web browser:

To complete the survey using a smart phone/device:
Download and Use the “Poll Everywhere” App

  • Download the free app for iOS or Android to your smart phone/device.
  • Enter presentation username: “TDLRSTAFF2020”.
  • Press “Join”.
  • Respond to the Midwives Educational Summit 5 Survey question prompts.
  • Press “Submit” after each response.

Watch the Midwives Educational Summit Broadcast

The recording of the Midwives Educational Summit is available on TDLR's YouTube channel and below on this page.


The agenda may be viewed online.


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Previous Summits

November 6, 2020

  • Welcome Remarks, Managing Postpartum Hemorrhage in the Community Birth Setting - Roxanne Anderson (watch on YouTube) 1:39:40
  • The Importance of Early Diagnosis & Treatment of Infant Ear Deformities & Malformations - Dr. Steve Byrd (watch on YouTube) 57:40
  • Midwifery in At Risk Communities - Paige Jackson (watch on YouTube) 45:02
  • TDLR Updates 2020 – Mary Hoffman (watch on YouTube) 25:36
  • The Millennial Midwife: Her Practice and Business Model – Jennifer Mozeke, Closing Remarks (watch on YouTube) 37:02

January 31, 2020

July 26, 2019

January 7, 2019