Podiatry Forms

Part II CSPE exam requirement is waived for 2021 podiatry school graduates who apply for a temporary residency license.

Virtual CPR course accepted for current license applicants.

Podiatric Physician

Full License

Title Form Number
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine License Application (PDF) POD001
Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Permit Application (PDF) POD003
Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen (N2O) Inhalation Conscious Sedation Permit Application (PDF) POD004
Podiatry Duplicate License/Certificate/Permit Request and Change of Information Form (PDF) POD010
Voluntary Charity Care Affidavit (PDF) POD011
License Inactive Status Request Form for Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (PDF) POD012
Liability Claims Report for Podiatry Medical Professionals (PDF) POD013

Temporary License

Title Form Number
Application for Temporary Residency License (PDF) POD006
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Conditional Issuance of a Temporary Residency License (PDF) POD007

Provisional License

Title Form Number
Application for Provisional License (PDF) POD008


Podiatric Medical Radiological Technician

Podiatric Practices

Insurance plan complaints and information: Texas Department of Insurance - Physicians & Health Providers

Texas Medical Disclosure Panel - Rules and Forms related to Informed Consent. The Texas Medical Disclosure Panel publishes Rules and Forms related to "Informed Consent" under Title 25, Texas Administrative Code, Part 7, Chapter 601.

Other Forms

Renewal Deadlines

Annual Renewal Deadlines by License / Registration Type: Deadline (@ Midnight) Renewal Method
Hyperbaric Oxygen Registration (DPM - HBO) January 31st Paper Form
Nitrous Oxide Registration (DPM - N2O) January 31st Paper Form
Podiatry Resident License (DPM - Temporary) June 30th Paper Form