Continuing Education and Initial Training Workshop Schedules for Instructors

Continuing Education In-Service Workshops

AEPM, DWIE, DOEP, DWII For Certified Instructors Only

Dates Location Fees Register Online

August 8-9, 2022
November 7-8, 2022
February 6-7, 2023
June 12-13, 2023
August 7-8, 2023
November 6-7, 2023
February 5-6, 2024
June 10-11, 2024
August 5-6, 2024

Online Zoom Meeting

$100 per license type



Administrator/Instructor applications are located on the Court Ordered Drug and Alcohol Education Forms page. Applications are completed and sent to TDLR for approval.

Court Ordered Education Initial Instructor Training Workshop Schedule

New Instructor Training Unavailable Until Further Notice

Effective May 17, 2023, there are no authorized training course providers for court-ordered program instructors. This means that new applicants will be unable to complete the training needed to apply for a new court-ordered programs instructor license.

TDLR is reviewing ways to enhance the training courses to improve user experiences by updating the course delivery through advances in technology. All those interested in participating, or seeking to complete, an initial instructor training workshop for the Court-Ordered Education Program (formerly known as the Offender Education program) should contact the Education and Examination Division with your contact information and which workshop(s) you are interested in attending when they become available.

As it becomes available, a member of TDLR staff will contact you with the new registration information. Please do not sign up for, register, pay for, or participate in any workshops until further notice from TDLR.