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Dietitians Advisory Board

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Board Members

 Janet Hewlett Janet Hewlett, Presiding Officer
Florence, TX
(Dietitian - Management)
Term Expires 09/01/2027

Irma Gutierrez Irma Gutierrez
Georgetown, TX
(Dietitian - Community)
Term Expires 9/01/2029

Laura Kuchinsky
Austin, TX
Public Member
Term Expires 9/1/2029

Aida Moreno-Brown Aida "Letty" Moreno-Brown
El Paso, TX
Term Expires 9/01/2025

LeAnne C. Skinner LeAnne C. Skinner
Austin, TX
(Dietitian - Consultant)
Term Expires 9/01/2025

Kay Vavrina Kay Vavrina
San Antonio, TX
(Dietitian - Clinical)
Term Expires 9/01/2029

Mary Kate "Suzy" Weems
Waco, TX
(Dietitian - Educational)
Term Expires 9/01/2027

Grace White Grace E. White
Ft. Worth, TX
(Public Member)
Term Expires 9/1/2025

Kajuana Young Kajuana Young
Lancaster, TX
Public Member
Term Expires 9/1/2027

Two public member positions are vacant at this time. If you are interested in serving as a public member of the Advisory Board, please apply online.

Past Meetings of the Dietitians Advisory Board

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