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Third Party Inspector Information Packet

Rule 70.10(a)(39) defines a third party inspector as an approved person or agency, private or public, determined by the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council to be qualified by reason of facilities, personnel, experience, demonstrated reliability, and independence of judgment to inspect industrialized housing, buildings, and portions thereof for compliance with the approved plans, documentation, compliance control program, and applicable code.

The following documents and forms contain information that will assist a person to apply for approval as a third party inspector. Documents may be copied as necessary.

The Application and Approval Requirements for TPIA’s (250KB download) guide includes the following documents.

  1. Form #IHB055, Design Review Agencies and Third Party Inspection Agencies Application for Registration, revised 08/2011
  2. Form #IHB105, Third Party Inspector Application for Registration
  3. Forms #010ihb and 011ihb, Checklists of Application Requirements for Third Party Inspection Agencies and Third Party Inspectors