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Information Packet - Inspections of the Site-Built Relocatable Educational Facilities (REFs)

Inspections of the construction of site-built REFs are conducted by inspectors approved by the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council (Council). Council approved inspectors include any of the following:

A third party inspector or inspection agency registered with TDLR and approved by the Council

A third party site inspector registered with TDLR and approved by the Council

An engineer or architect licensed to practice in the State of Texas

List of Council approved inspectors

The engineer or architect shall complete an application certifying that they have the requisite experience, education, or training necessary to ensure compliance of the construction and the mandatory building codes adopted in rule §§ 70.100 and 70.101.

The procedures and inspection forms necessary to perform these inspections follow.

Occupations Code, Chapter 1202, Industrialized Housing and Buildings Law

The Chapter 70 rules governing Industrialized Housing and Buildings

The "Relocatable Educational Facility (REF) Procedures" – This document describes the procedures for inspections of site-built REFs for the Texas IHB program. Reference sections 70.79 and 70.51 of the rules governing industrialized housing and buildings.

Inspections are documented on the following report forms and are available in both Word and Acrobat PDF formats.

Site-Built REF Inspection Report, Form #074ihb

Form #074ihb in Word format

Form #074ihb in PDF format

Site-Built REF Inspection Report Summary, Form #075ihb

Form #075ihb in Word format

Form #075ihb in PDF format

Violation Report, Form #076ihb

Form #076ihb in Word format, 01/2010 (70 KB download)

Form #076ihb in PDF format, 01/2010 (141 KB download)