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Applications and Renewals

Publication Name Document Number
Property Tax Professionals Registration Application (PDF) PTP-LIC-001-E
Property Tax Professional Taxing Entity Application (PDF) PTP-LIC-002-E
One-Year Extension to Meet Registration Certification (PDF) PTP-LIC-003-E

Manage Your License

Publication Name Document Number
Request for a Change in License Status (PDF) PTP-LIC-004-E
Property Tax Professional Break in Service Credit Application (PDF) PTP-LIC-005-E
Change of Employer Notification Form (PDF) PTP-LIC-006-E

Notice of Change, Appointment and Duplicate License Request (PDF)

You may also order a duplicate license online


Misc. Forms

Publication Name Document Number
Occupational License Application Claiming to Have No Social Security Number GC001
Request to Executive Director for Expired License Renewal Form (PDF) LIC003
Disciplinary Action Questionnaire (PDF) ENF002

Criminal History Questionnaire (PDF)

Also see the Criminal History Evaluation Letter

Form #002 LIC

Military Service Member, Veteran, or Spouse Supplemental Application (PDF)

Also see the Military Licensing Website

TDLR Complaint Sign (PDF) LIC009