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Continuing Education Provider and Course Approval

Continuing education providers and courses must be approved by the department before courses are offered to the public.

Provider Approval

An individual or organization may request approval as a continuing education provider by submitting a completed Continuing Education Provider Application (PDF) along with the $200 annual fee. After review of the continuing education provider application, the applicant may be approved by TDLR as either a "manufacturer" or a "non-manufacturer" continuing education provider. The approved provider status will be effective for one year from the date of issuance.

Course Approval

All courses offered by a provider must be reviewed and approved by the department. To request approval of a course, please submit a completed Continuing Education Course Approval Form (PDF). There is no fee required for course approval.

Each continuing education course will be evaluated by the department on the basis of the following criteria:

Provider Renewal

Continuing education providers must renew their approved provider status annually by completing and returning to the department the provider renewal form and the continuing education provider fee. If not renewed on or before the expiration date, the continuing education provider must reapply for approved sponsor status.


Approved continuing education courses and providers will be listed on the approved continuing education providers page.

An organization or individual who is approved by the department may advertise as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed fitters and dispensers of hearing instruments.

Certificates of Completion

Continuing education providers must provide course participants with a certificate of completion that includes: