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Out-of-State Licensed Applicants

If you are currently licensed to fit and dispense hearing instruments in another state, and your license is in good and current standing, you may be eligible to apply using an alternative set of licensing criteria.

Application and Fee

To apply for a new license, submit a completed Hearing Instrument Fitters and Dispensers License Application for Out of State License Holders (PDF) with the $205 fee.

A hearing instrument fitter and dispenser license is valid for two years from the date of issuance and may be renewed every two years.

Also include all additional required documentation (see below), including completing the fingerprinting process.

Required Documentation

Please include one of the following with your application materials:


The Licensing Examination consists of a written test, a practical test, and a jurisprudence test. Out-of-state applicants must pass the practical test and complete the jurisprudence test to apply for a license.

If the state where your license was issued did not require you to pass the International Licensing Examination for Hearing Instrument Dispenser (ILE) written test, or if you do not hold a certification issued by the Board of Certification for Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS), then you will be eligible to take the written test, administered by IHS.

Upon review of your application materials, you will be emailed instructions to how to register for the practical test and the jurisprudence test.

When you have passed the tests, you will be issued a license.


All new applicants must submit fingerprints for a national criminal history record review. The applicant is responsible for paying the fee associated with this review to the fingerprint service vendor used by Texas Department of Public Safety.

Once your completed application is received by TDLR, instructions on how to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted will be emailed to you. Be sure your email address is current and legible to receive the fingerprinting information. To be eligible for licensing, you must successfully pass a criminal history background check.

Applicants with Criminal Convictions

If you have ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor (other than a minor traffic violation) or pleaded guilty or no contest (resulting in a deferred adjudication) to any in-state, out-of-state or federal criminal offense, you must provide a completed Criminal History Questionnaire (PDF) along with your application materials.

The department will conduct a criminal history background check on all persons who apply for a Hearing Instrument Fitter and Dispenser License. Criminal convictions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Licenses may be denied based on the nature of the conviction and how long prior to the application the conviction occurred. Depending on your criminal history, a review can take from one to six weeks to complete.

Individuals may request TDLR review their criminal background before actually applying for a license. TDLR uses the same process for this pre-application evaluation as the process described below. See the Criminal History Evaluation Letter page for more information.

Please see the Guidelines for License Applicants with Criminal Convictions, which describe the process that TDLR uses to determine whether a criminal conviction renders an applicant an unsuitable candidate for the license, or whether a conviction warrants revocation or suspension of a license previously granted.