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Eligible Supervisors

Hearing Instrument Fitters and Dispensers and Audiologists, holding a valid license to fit and dispense hearing instruments under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 401 or 402, may supervise temporary training permit holders and apprentice permit holders. The supervisor must ensure that the permit holder has been added to their license before training and supervision may begin.

Supervision of Temporary Training Permit Holders

If a supervisor terminates supervision of a temporary training permit holder, the supervisor must submit a written notification of termination of supervision to the department and the temporary training permit holder within ten (10) days of cessation of supervision.

The supervisor is responsible for providing at least 150 hours of directly supervised practicum, plus 10 hours of masking, according to the temporary training permit requirements.

The supervisor shall maintain a log of the contact hours by practicum category. After the temporary training permit holder has completed the 150 contact hours plus 10 hours of masking, the supervisor and the permit holder shall submit the Temporary Training Permit Supervised Practicum Affidavit (PDF).

A supervisor may not supervise more than two temporary training permit holders at one time. A supervisor may delegate training activities of a temporary training permit holder to another license holder. The supervisor shall be responsible for the day-to-day supervision of a temporary training permit holder. The supervisor shall also be ultimately responsible for services provided to a client by the temporary training permit holder. A supervisor shall not delegate the responsibility of supervision.

Supervision of Apprentice Permit Holders

An apprentice permit holder shall work under the direct or indirect supervision of an eligible supervisor for at least one year. The supervisor shall periodically conduct a formal evaluation of the applicant's progress in the development of professional skills. A supervisor of an apprentice permit holder is responsible for services to the client that may be performed by the apprentice permit holder.