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Requirements for Combative Sports Events

The information on this page is provided as a courtesy. See Section 61.40. Responsibilities of the Promoter of the administrative rules for the official listing of all requirements that promoters are responsible for.

Ringside Physicians

Professional events must have two ringside physicians, which will be assigned by TDLR. At least one physician must be available to conduct pre-fight physicals.

Amateur events must have at least one licensed physician present at ringside during the entire event.

No Glass Containers

Promoters must ensure that beverages are only allowed in paper or plastic cups at the event.

Payment of Personnel

Immediately after the event, promoters must compensate the ringside physicians, timekeepers, judges, referees and contestants.

Removal of Injured Contestants

There must be a pre-fight plan and route to remove an injured contestant from the arena and maintain order.

Dressing Rooms

Promoters must provide no less than two private dressing rooms of adequate size for the contestants and their licensed managers.

Separate dressing rooms must be provided for male and female contestants.

No alcohol or illegal drugs may be present in the dressing rooms.

Event Duration


Each boxing event must be no less than 24 rounds and no more than 60 rounds in total.

Each bout is limited to 10 rounds, with the exception of a championship or title bout, which can be up to 12 rounds.

A sparring or exhibition bout must not exceed three rounds.

Mixed Martial Arts

A mixed martial arts event must be of no less than 6 bouts or no more than 15 bouts.

Restricted Access Areas

Ring Apron

The ring apron must be kept clear at all times of objects including, but not limited to: cameras, microphones, and advertisements. A separate camera platform at a neutral corner of the ring for use by camera operators may be provided. Camera operators may be allowed on the ring apron during rest periods, between bouts, at the discretion of TDLR staff.

No seats may be sold at the ring apron or within the technical zone.

Medical Personnel and Equipment

All emergency medical personnel and portable medical equipment must be located within the technical zone during the event.

Physician ringside seats must be in the neutral corner(s).

There must be a resuscitator, oxygen, stretcher, a certified ambulance, neck brace, defibrillator, backboard, portable suction, and an emergency medical technician on site for all contests.

Promoter’s Representatives

The promoter must have between 1-3 authorized representative(s) at ringside at all times.


Pricing Information

All tickets must have the price (including any additional fees) and the event date printed on each half of the ticket.

If there is no ticket manifest, tickets of different prices must be printed on different colored ticket stock.

Ticket Numbering

Roll tickets with consecutive numbers may be sold only at the box office on the day of the event.

Venue Capacity

You cannot sell more tickets than the actual capacity of the location where the event is held.

Ticket Distributors – Pro Events Only

The promoter shall submit a verified report to the department of tickets delivered to any outlet or event sponsor. The report shall account for any known overprints, changes, or extras and must be on a department-approved form.

Collection of Ticket Stubs – Pro Events Only

All tickets must be torn in half and one half returned to the ticket holder at the entrance gate.

The other half must be immediately deposited in a sealed container, where it is to remain until TDLR Combative Sports staff witnesses the opening of the container.

Recordkeeping – Pro Events Only

Promoters must hold tickets of every description used for any event, including deadwood, for at least 30 days after the event.

Tickets must be accounted for after the event. TDLR Combative Sports staff may review the process and inspect the gate ticket containers.

Payment of Taxes

If you sell tickets to a combative sports event or you charge a fee for a live telecast event, you are required to pay additional taxes on the sales.

Please see the payment of taxes for combative sports events page for more details.

Cancellations and Refunds – Pro Events Only

If a main event or special added attraction is postponed or cancelled for any reason, the promoter must promptly refund ticket sales.

A “special added attraction” is the appearance of any person or persons at any combative sports event whose reputation or ability is calculated to increase attendance.

Tickets in the hands of ticket services shall be returned to the promoter not later than when the box office at the combative sports event site has closed.