Tow-Away Signage in Parking Facilities

Placement of Signage

Areas where parking is restricted must be marked with the following signage requirements:

  • When entering the parking lot or garage, there must be a sign directly facing the driver that is conspicuously visible
  • A sign must be located on the side of each driveway or curb-cut where a vehicle can enter the parking lot or garage
    • If the parking facility does not have definite entrance points as defined by curbs, landscaping, or other access barriers, and the entry into the parking area is greater then 35 feet in width, then you may place signs at 25 foot intervals along the entrance
  • Signs must be permanently mounted on a pole, post, permanent wall, or other permanent barrier
  • Signs must be installed on the parking facility
  • Signs must be installed so that the bottom edge of the sign is no lower than five feet and no higher than eight feet above ground level

Required Information

Signs prohibiting unauthorized parking must meet the following requirements:

Top of Sign

The topmost portion of a towing sign must contain the international towing symbol (a solid silhouette of a tow truck towing a vehicle). The international towing symbol must be in bright red, at least four inches in height, and must be on the uppermost portion of a sign. If the international towing symbol cannot be included on the uppermost portion of a sign, it may be placed on a separate sign placed immediately above the sign.

The portion of the sign immediately below the international towing symbol must contain the words "Towing Enforced" in letters of at least 2 inches in height. The letters should be white over a bright red background.

Middle of Sign

The middle portion of the sign must contain the following information displayed in bright red letters at least one inch in height on a white background:

  • The words "Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner's or Operator's Expense"
  • A statement about who may park in the parking facility and that parking is prohibited for all others
  • The days and hours that towing is enforced

Bottom of Sign

The bottom portion of the sign must contain a 24-hour per day telephone number (including the area code) that a vehicle owner or operator may call to locate a towed vehicle. This number must be in lettering of at least one inch in height, consisting of white letters on a bright red background.

Size and Materials Requirements

Sign dimensions must be at least 18 inches wide by 24 inches tall.

Signs must be made of weather-resistant material, such as metal or plastic that is intended to remain outdoors permanently.

Sample Tow Signs

Examples of TDLR-approved towing signs: