Inspections Procedures

Vehicle Storage Facilities

TDLR conducts periodic inspections of vehicle storage facilities to ensure compliance with the law at least once every two years. Your facility may be inspected more than the minimum amount.

For an overview of the inspection process, please see the VSF Inspection Checklist (PDF), which lists all criteria that TDLR inspectors will examine in the inspection of your facility.

As a courtesy, we also provide a list of the most common violations that our inspectors find during inspections of VSFs.

TDLR may inspect a vehicle, a facility, business records, or any other place or anything reasonably required to determine compliance with the law.

Tow Companies and Trucks

TDLR does not conduct routine periodic inspections of tow companies or tow trucks on a two year schedule. However, TDLR will investigate complaints received regarding tow companies or trucks and perform inspections when necessary to ensure compliance with the laws and rules.

Please see the Tow Company and Tow Truck Inspection Checklist (PDF) for the complete list of items that TDLR inspectors will evaluate when they inspect your tow company or tow truck.