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Elevator Safety and Licensing Technical Memoranda

TDLR QEI BULLETIN 03-02-39 March 25, 2002

Gas Cock Valves - Important Safety Bulletin

Gas cock valves are not permitted on elevator equipment. These valves are rated for 150 psi and are only intended for use with gas or water. These valves were not intended for use in conjunction with oil. When these are discovered they must be replaced. Do not attempt to turn this valve, as it has a history of catastrophic failure, sometimes causing injury or death. Replace this shut-off valve with one of proper strength, size, and adequate pressure rating. Photographs of an example gas cock valve are listed below.

example gas cock valve #1

example gas cock valve #2

example gas cock valve #3

example gas cock valve #4

Code References:

A17.1 1955 318.3a - Supply piping, materials, and fittings shall conform with the applicable provisions of the American Standard Code for Pressure Piping B31.1-1951, except that cast iron pipe shall not be used.

A17.1 1960 318.1a - Valves, piping and fittings shall not be subjected to working pressures exceeding those recommended by the manufacturer for the type of service for which they are used.

A17.2.2 1997 2.18.1 - Inspect the supply line between the cylinder and the pumping unit for leaks, adequate support, vibration, or other evidence of damage. The manufacturer rating of the piping working pressure must be greater than the working pressure indicated on the power unit.

A17.2 2001 - Hydraulic Elevators. Inspect supply piping as described in Item 2.18. Giving special attention to fitting and condition of piping. Piping supports are very important in pits since the pipe is subject to being stepped on. This can cause leaks and damage to connections. If a shutoff valve is in the pit, verify that it is in good condition and has an adequate pressure rating since failure of a pit valve could create a very hazardous condition.