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How to Submit a Plan Review

Plan Review Required

All installations of new elevator, escalator, and related equipment regulated by TDLR, as well as any alterations to that equipment, require an approved plan review before work can proceed. The approved plan review must be kept on site and made available to the elevator inspector, both for the acceptance inspection and for any further inspections.

Only a currently licensed elevator contractor may submit a plan review to TDLR for approval. TDLR cannot approve a plan review for a contractor who is unlicensed or has an expired license.

A copy of each approved plan review will be mailed to the elevator contractor who submitted it. Additional copies are available online once they are imaged, a process that takes several months.

Plan reviews are generally completed within 4-8 weeks of the date you mail them to TDLR. If you need a plan review more quickly, please submit an Expedited Plan Review instead. TDLR completes Expedited Plan Reviews within five (5) business days of receipt. Additional fees apply.

Steps to Submit a Plan Review

Failure to follow these steps may result in a delay in the approval of your plan review.

  1. Determine the exact building name, building designation if needed, and street address where the equipment will be located. All buildings which contain regulated equipment have a TDLR-assigned building number called the “ELBI #”. This number cannot be assigned (for a new building) or located in our database (for an alteration) without an exact address.
  2. Completely and accurately fill out the plan review form (Form #012ELE Elevator / Escalator and Related Equipment Plan Review (PDF)).
  3. Attach the required fee (check or money order). Do not send your fee separately from the plan review form. The TDLR Finance Office processes all fees before forwarding the plan reviews to the TDLR RPM Elevator Program staff; we cannot match these items for you if you send them separately.
  4. Attach the following documents on 8 ½” x 11” sized paper. Each page must be one-sided (not double-sided) and legible.
    •  For all new installations and alterations that include relocation of the driving machine, attach a single copy of the final layout drawings (per unit) as specified in the currently adopted A17.1 Elevator Code.
    •  For all alterations, attach a copy of the scope of work describing all work to be performed as part of the alteration. The scope of work must be on company letter head.
    • For all amended plan reviews, attach a copy of the previously approved plan review.
  5. Mail all items (plan review form, fee, and drawings/scope of work) to TDLR at:

    Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
    PO Box 12157
    Austin, Texas 78711-2157
  6. You may mail plan reviews to TDLR by regular mail or overnight mail. The mailroom will sign for overnight mail (so you know that it has been received), and then forward it to Finance. For overnight mail TDLR’s Main Office address may be used, which is found at:
  7. If your plan review cannot be approved without additional information or changes to the plan as submitted, you will receive an email or a phone call, and the plan review will be placed “on hold” until we receive the requested items.

Common Mistakes When Filing a Plan Review

Avoid the common mistakes listed below to minimize delays in the approval of your plan review.