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Elevator Safety and Licensing Technical Memoranda

TDLR QEI BULLETIN 09-02-40 Space Guards - Important Safety Bulletin

September 23, 2002

A17.3 3.4.3(c) 1993 Space Guards. Where existing distances are greater than specified by A17.3 3.4.3 (a) and (b), a space guard of sheet metal shall be provided, attached to the hoistway door and/or car door.Use the applicable measurements in A17.3 3.4.3 (a) (1), (2), and (3).If the measurement is more than allowed the space guard must be installed. This is an unsafe condition and must be corrected.For new installations refer to A17.1 108.1d, 110.4 and 204.4e of the 1993 ASME Code for all dimensions. These dimensions must be followed or an unsafe condition exists.

Consider this an urgent bulletin for swing type elevator doors!