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Certifying Entity Approval

Application and Fee

To apply for registration as a certifying entity, complete and submit a Laser Hair Removal Certifying Entity Application (PDF). There is no fee to apply, and no renewal is required.

Organization Structure

Organizations seeking to become certifying entities must provide documentation that they are a non-governmental organization such as a society, association, business, or school that has an interest in or whose members participate in, or have an interest in, the field of laser hair removal. The prospective certifying entity must be an incorporated, nationally recognized entity in good standing, that is involved in setting national standards of practice within its fields of expertise.

The organization must provide documentation of a set of written by-laws and policies that provide adequate assurance of lack of conflict of interest and a system for monitoring and enforcing those by-laws and policies.

Societies and Associations

Some special rules do apply for societies or associations. These groups must make membership available to the general public nationwide that is not restricted because of race, color, religion, age, national origin or disability. They must also provide evidence that a certification program that is open to nonmembers, as well as members.

Leadership and Staffing

The organization must document the existence of a committee, whose members can carry out their responsibilities impartially, to review and approve their certification guidelines and procedures, and to advise the organization's staff in implementing the certification program, to review complaints against certified individuals and to determine appropriate sanctions.

Organizations must also provide proof of adequate staff, a viable system for financing its operations, and a policy- and decision-making review board.

Administrative Procedures

An organization must provide the department with written procedures describing all aspects of its certification program, maintain records of the current status of an individual's certification and the administration of its certification program.

The organization must also include procedures to ensure that certified individuals are provided due process with respect to the administration of a certification program, including the process of becoming certified and any sanctions imposed against certified individuals.

The organization must show documentation of procedures for exchanging information about certified individuals with the agency and other certifying entities and allow periodic review of its certification program and related records by the agency.

The organization must submit documentation to prove that their organization requires applicants for certification to provide documentation that demonstrates that they have:


The organization must provide to the department procedures for proctoring examinations, including qualifications for proctors. These procedures shall ensure that the individuals proctoring each examination are not employed by the same company or corporation (or a wholly-owned subsidiary of such company or corporation) as any of the examinees.

The organization must also provide a description to TDLR of its procedures for choosing examination sites and for providing an appropriate examination environment.

The organization must submit documentation to prove that the certification program:

The organization must submit proof that the examination administered or used by the certifying entity is designed to test an individual's knowledge and understanding of at least the topics specified in §118.33(e).

Issuance of Certificates

The organization must submit documentation to prove that the certification program: