Facilities - Apply for a New Certificate

Application and Fee

To obtain a new facility certificate of registration, complete and submit the Laser Hair Removal Facility Certificate of Registration Application Form (PDF) along with the application fee of $900. A separate application is required for each facility.

A facility certificate of laser hair removal registration issued by the department is valid for 2 years.

Personnel Requirements

Laser Hair Removal Professional

The facility must employ at least one individual who is a registered Laser Hair Removal Professional. This person's name, along with their information and LHR professional certificate number must be entered on the application form.

Laser Safety Officer

The facility must designate an individual to serve as the laser safety officer (LSO).

An LSO is an individual who has knowledge of and the authority and responsibility to apply appropriate laser radiation protection rules, standards, and practices, and who shall be specifically authorized on a certificate of LHR registration.

You must document the LSO's experience with laser devices as well as their qualifications on the application form. If the designated LSO holds a laser hair removal certificate or a physician license, no additional documentation will be required. Otherwise, qualifications must include at least the following:

  • Educational courses related to laser radiation safety or a laser safety officer course (e.g. training certificates, etc.), OR
  • Experience using or familiarity with the type of equipment used (e.g. training obtained from manufacture/in-house training, etc.), AND
  • Knowledge of potential laser radiation hazards and laser emergency

For more information on the responsibilities of an LSO, see 16 TAC §118.32.

Change of Laser Safety Officer

If there is a change to the laser safety officer, then the facility must notify the department in writing using a Facility Laser Hair Safety Officer Change Form (PDF) within 30 days of the change.

Consulting Physician

You must submit a copy of a consulting physician contract with your application form.

The facility must enter into a written agreement with a physician to be available for emergency consultation. The agreement must be in the form of a written contract. As an example, you may refer to the Sample Contract between Laser Hair Removal Facility and Consulting Physician (PDF).

The written contact with the consulting physician must contain at a minimum:

  • Proper protocols for the services provided by the consulting physician at the facility
  • A provision for the consulting physician to audit the facility's protocols and operations
  • A commitment that the consulting physician will be available for emergency consultation with the facility as appropriate to the circumstances, including, if the physician considers it necessary, an emergency appointment with the client
  • A designated physician who will be available for consultation with the facility, if the consulting physician is unavailable

The primary practice site of the consulting physician must be located within 75 miles of the laser hair removal facility.

Please see the rules at 16 TAC §118.60. Consulting Physician--Responsibilities and Protocols for more information.

Designated Physician

A laser hair removal facility must designate another physician to serve as a backup in the event that the facility loses the services of the consulting physician. The backup consulting physician must be designated in the contract in accordance with §118.30 of the administrative rules. The consulting physician and designated physician cannot be the same person.

The primary practice site of the designated physician must be located within 75 miles of the laser hair removal facility.

Loss of Consulting Physician

If the facility loses the services of the consulting physician(s), then the facility must immediately cease all laser hair removal procedures until a contractual relationship with a consulting physician is established.

Exemptions to Registration

A certificate of registration for a laser hair removal facility is not required for the following types of businesses:

  • A facility owned or operated by a physician for the practice of medicine
  • A licensed hospital
  • A clinic owned or operated by a licensed hospital

Please note that a certificate of laser registration may be required for the businesses specified above, if they own, possess, or use laser devices for purposes other than laser hair removal.

Changes to Business Information

The facility must notify the department in writing within 30 days of any changes that would render the information in the registration inaccurate. Notifications may be sent by emailing customer service.

Examples of changes that would require notification include:

  • Change in business name of the facility
  • Change in physical location of the facility
  • Change in street address where laser hair removal devices will be used
  • Change of Laser Safety Officer
  • Loss or change of the facility's designated laser hair removal professional
  • Loss or change of the facility's designated consulting physician