Training Program Approval

Application and Fee

To apply for approval of a laser hair removal training program, complete and submit a Laser Hair Removal Training Program Application (PDF). There is no fee to apply, and no renewal is required.

Required Documentation

The following documentation must be provided along with the application:

  • A course syllabus, including topics covered and time allotted for each topic
  • A list of instructors and qualifications of instructors
  • Provide verification that exam(s) are administered to assess the student's knowledge of material presented and include the rate or proportion of each required topic in 16 TAC §118
  • Provide the criteria for successful completion of the course (require at least a 70%)
  • A copy of the certificate that will be issued upon successful completion of the training program
  • Provide verification that the training program is in compliance with applicable state laws, including Texas Education Code, Chapter 132. (provide documentation from the Texas Workforce Commission that the training program has either a certificate of approval or is exempt)

Laser Safety Officer

A training program must designate a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) to receive approval from the department.

A Laser Safety Officer is an individual who has knowledge of and the authority and responsibility to apply appropriate laser radiation protection rules, standards, and practices.

This individual is required to sign the application form, indicating that they accept the responsibilities of Laser Safety Officer in accordance with 16 TAC §118.32.

Registration of Radiation Services

A department approved training program is defined as a radiation service in accordance with 22 TAC §289.226(b), and as such all training providers will need a Certificate of Laser Device Services Registration from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

You do not need to obtain the certificate before applying for registration with TDLR.