Massage Therapy Continuing Education

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Massage therapists must complete at least 12 hours of TDLR-approved or recognized continuing education to renew their license.

List of TDLR-approved continuing education providers

Acceptable continuing education includes attendance and completion of courses that are directly related to the theory or clinical application of theory pertaining to the following:

  • practice of massage therapy;
  • the manipulation of soft tissue;
  • massage therapy laws and rules;
  • business practices;
  • professional ethics;
  • anatomy;
  • physiology;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • kinesiology;
  • pathology; or
  • health and hygiene.

Courses must be designed to increase and enhance professional knowledge, skills or competence and be provided by a TDLR-approved provider or one of these recognized continuing education providers:

  • Institutes
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • State or National conferences
  • Advanced Course work
  • College and university academic courses

Continuing education courses must be developed and presented by qualified persons:

  • Massage therapy techniques and courses involving the manipulation of soft tissue must be taught or presented by a licensed massage therapy instructor.
  • Advanced massage therapy or bodywork techniques must be taught or presented by persons with licensure, registration or education in the technique being presented.
  • Courses, other than techniques, may be taught or presented by persons with licensure, registration, education or practical experience in the subject being presented.
  • Courses in first aid and/or CPR will be accepted if the course is taught or presented by a certified First Aid Instructor or certified CPR instructor who was certified by the American Heart Association, American Red Cross or National Safety Council. Courses cannot exceed six hours total each renewal period.

Continuing Education Courses Offered or Presented Online or by Correspondence

Continuing education that otherwise meets the standards, but is offered or presented online or by correspondence is acceptable only if the subject matter is not massage therapy techniques or manipulation of soft tissue.

Continuing Education Audit

TDLR will select for audit a random sample of licensed massage therapists for each renewal month. If selected for an audit, then you will be notified at the time of your renewal. You will be required to submit copies of certificates, transcripts or other documentation to verify attendance, participation and completion of continuing education requirements. Your license will not be renewed until continuing education requirements have been met.

The licensee is responsible for maintaining a record of continuing education experiences or certificates. If you are selected for audit, then you will be notified and records will be required to be submitted to TDLR.