Continuing Education for Sanitarians

Renewal Requirements

To renew your credentials as a Registered Sanitarian, you must complete a total of 24 continuing education hours related to the fields of consumer health, environmental health or sanitation.

The Sanitarian in Training registration type does not require continuing education hours to renew.

Qualifying Continuing Education Providers

The following entities may provide continuing education for Sanitarians:

  • Governmental agencies
  • Accredited colleges or universities
  • Associations with a membership of 25 or more persons
  • Commercial education businesses that have been approved.
    • Texas A & M Agrilife Extension Dept. - Contact Janet Hurley

Provider Approval

Please see the Sanitarians Continuing Education Provider Approval page for information on how to become an approved continuing education provider.

Continuing Education Instructors

Continuing education sponsors and/or providers must ensure that all continuing education instructors have one of the following credentials or hold one of the following positions:

  • Certification as a registered sanitarian by the department
  • Instructor at the Texas Engineering Extension Service
  • Faculty member at an accredited college or university
  • Employee of the department or the Department of State Health Services
  • Teaching or work experience determine by the sponsor and/or provider to be sufficient

Acceptable Continuing Education Activities

The following continuing education activities in consumer health, environmental health or sanitation are acceptable if they are provided by an approved provider:

  • Conferences
  • Home-study training modules
    (including professional journals requiring successful completion of a test document)
  • Lectures
  • Panel discussions
  • Seminars
  • Accredited college or university courses
  • Video or film presentations with live instruction
  • Field demonstrations
  • Teleconferences or online training

Coursework in environmental or consumer health from an accredited college or university, or written verification of hours approved by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) will also be accepted.

Continuing Education Audit for Sanitarians

Please do not include your continuing education certificates of completion with your registration renewal.

TDLR shall select for audit, a random sample of sanitarians for each renewal month. If selected for an audit, then you will be notified at the time of your renewal. You will be required to submit copies of certificates, transcripts or other documentation to verify attendance, participation and completion of continuing education requirements. Your registration will not be renewed until continuing education requirements have been met.

You are responsible for maintaining a record of your continuing education experiences or certificates. If you are selected for audit, then you will be notified and records will be required to be submitted to the department.