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Apply for a New Sanitarian in Training Registration

Education Requirements

You must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university including at least 30 semester hours in a basic or applied science.

For a comprehensive list of acceptable coursework, please refer to section 119.23 of the administrative rules. Courses not listed in the rules may be submitted for consideration for acceptance by the department.

Courses considered not acceptable include: anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, education, geography, government, history, kinesiology, languages, physical education, psychology, and sociology.

Application and Fee

Submit a completed application form (Apply Online, or see Sanitarian in Training Registration Application PDF) along with the application fee of $120.


Upon TDLR approval of eligibility, you will receive an email confirmation from our third-party vendor, PSI, with instructions for scheduling an appointment to take the registered sanitarian examination.

For further information, please see the Sanitarian Examinations page.

Upgrade to Registered Sanitarian

A registered sanitarian in training who has obtained the necessary experience to qualify as a sanitarian may file an application to upgrade a registration to that of sanitarian. Please see the Sanitarian in Training Upgrade page for complete details.

Applicants with Criminal Convictions

Please see the Guidelines for License Applicants with Criminal Convictions, which describe the process by which TDLR determines whether a criminal conviction renders an applicant an unsuitable candidate for the license, or whether a conviction warrants revocation or suspension of a license previously granted.