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Apply for a New Device Registration

Fuel metering devices must be registered with TDLR before the device may be used for commercial transactions. A current certificate of registration must be visibly displayed in an area that is accessible to the public.

Suppliers (terminals) are exempt from device registration and device performance review requirements.

Device Performance Review

Before a device can be registered, you must have a licensed service company complete a device performance review (previously called a "calibration report") for each fuel metering device used for commercial transactions.

New applications must include a hardcopy of the most current device performance review. If a device performance review is not included with your application, processing of your device registrations will be delayed.

For more detailed information, please see the device performance review page.

Application and Fee

To register a fuel metering device:

  1. Complete a device performance review for each device
  2. Complete a Registration Application for Motor Fuel Metering Devices (PDF)
  3. Determine your applicable fee(s), as listed below:

    Registration Type Fee
    Fuel Pump (multiple products per nozzle) $93 *
    Fuel Pump - Gasoline (single product per nozzle) $31 *
    Fuel Pump – Diesel or other non-gasoline product (one product per nozzle) $31 *
    Fuel Pump – E85 – Fuel Ethanol (one product per nozzle) $31 *
    Bulk Meter (rated flow 20 GPM – 100 GPM) $127 *
    Bulk Meter (rated flow > 100 GPM) ** $450 *
    * Device registrations are subject to an additional 3% fee on top of the specified registration fees to cover the cost of payment processing.
    ** Devices with a rated flow of > 250 GPM are not subject to registration or regulation by TDLR.
  4. Send your completed application materials, including applicable fees and a copy of the most current device performance review(s), by mail to:
    • Texas Dept of Licensing and Regulation
      P.O. Box 12157
      Austin, TX 78711-2157

No refunds or credits will be issued for incorrectly registered devices.

It is important that you choose the correct registration type on your application form. Changes cannot be made to account registrations after registrations or licenses are issued.

Device registrations are valid for two years from issuance. You must renew your registration before it expires.

Consumer Information Stickers

A consumer information sticker must be placed on each motor fuel dispensers. Stickers are $1/each and may be ordered online.

If any part of the information on the sticker is no longer fully legible and in plain sight of the consumer, it must be replaced within 30 days by the owner or operator.