Out of State Applicants

Texas Licensing Procedures for Massage Therapy

In Texas, a state license is required to advertise or practice massage therapy.

State-issued licenses are separate and distinct from national certifications given by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). A national certification from NCBTMB is a voluntary certification, and not a license. Licenses are issued by government entities and provide licensed professionals with specific authority (e.g. use of a protected title and/or a specific scope of practice).

Persons who do not currently live in Texas may still apply for a license.

Individuals Licensed in Another State

You cannot “transfer” your license, but your education and/or experience in another state may qualify you for a Texas license. If you are licensed in another state, you must list your license information on the application form. Your credentials will be evaluated as part of the application process. Please see the How to Apply for a New Massage License page for complete details on the initial application process.

Transfer of National or State Exam Score from Another State

We can accept a national exam score that is more than two years old, or a licensing examination taken in another state, ONLY if you have a current state license in good standing. You will need to submit a score report showing the date you took and passed the exam.

Out-of-State Course Credit

You will need to apply for licensure as a massage therapist in Texas to find out if we will accept your out-of-state school. Make sure to include the following items with your application:

  • Official certified original transcript(s) of all relevant course work issued by the massage school(s) -- The transcript does not have to be in a sealed envelope from the school.
  • Course descriptions for the classes you wish us to consider for credit
  • Proof that the school is currently acceptable for licensure in the state in which it is located (if available)

If we accept your transcript, but you have not completed sufficient hours in all subjects required for licensure in Texas, we will send you a Request for Information (RFI) showing the exact hours you lack, which you can then take to a Texas massage school to enroll as a transfer student and take only the hours you need for licensure. You have one year from the date we received your application to take the additional hours and send us the transcript to complete your application.

Please note that at this time, online schools are not acceptable for licensure in Texas.

International Course Credit Evaluation

We accept foreign transcripts only if they have been translated into English and evaluated for U.S. equivalency. Contact your local university or community college for a list of reputable foreign transcript evaluators. You will submit the original, the translation, and the evaluation to us when you apply.