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Apply for an Instructor Training Provider Endorsement


In addition to the Motorcycle Instructor License Requirements, applicants can add the Instructor Training Provider Endorsement to the Motorcycle Instructor license three ways;

  1. during the initial application process,
  2. when renewing the instructor license, or
  3. any time during the active license term. You may not add the endorsement to an expired instructor license.

A Motorcycle Instructor adding the Instructor Training Provider Endorsement must hold a current certification from an approved curriculum provider. A copy of the certificate must be included when applying for the endorsement.

Curriculum Requirements

An instructor training course conducted in Texas must be a training program on motorcycle operator training and safety instruction approved by the department and conducted by an instructor with the instructor training provider endorsement at a motorcycle school.

(b) To be eligible to enroll in an instructor training course under this section, an individual must:

(1) meet the requirements of §98.21(4), (5), (6), and (9) and

(2) not have a criminal history that will make the individual ineligible for an instructor license under §98.21(8).

(c) To determine whether an individual meets the requirement of subsection (b)(2), an individual may request a criminal history evaluation letter from the department, as provided by 16 T.A.C. §60.42, Criminal History Evaluation Letters.

Reporting Requirements

For each instructor training course provided, a motorcycle instructor with the instructor training provider endorsement must:

(1) Report to the department, by the fifth business day following the end of each course, information relating to each trainee enrolled in the course, including:

(A) each trainee's full legal name as shown on the trainee's driver's license, or other form of identification acceptable to the department; and

(B) whether each trainee successfully completed the course.

Instructors will log into the Online Licensing Services System and use the Report Student Roster Transaction to comply with the reporting requirements.

Record Keeping

A motorcycle instructor with the instructor training provider endorsement must maintain, for three calendar years, records of instructor training courses conducted, including each individual who enrolled in the course and whether the individual successfully completed the course.

Discontinuance of Course

If you no longer wish to teach the instructor training course, you must notify the department in writing to have the endorsement removed from the instructor license.

Application and Fee

To apply for the Instructor Training Provider Endorsement, submit a completed online application form and include the non-refundable application fee of $50.00.

Apply Online

An instructor training provider endorsement is valid for two years and will be renewed at the same time as the motorcycle instructor license.

Instructors may not teach an Instructor Training Course until their application is approved.

For assistance with using the Versa system to apply for a new license, please see the step-by-step guide, How to Register as a New User in Versa (PDF).

Wallet Card and Certificate

For initial applications and renewal applications, instructors will receive a wallet card and a wall certificate that includes the instructor training provider endorsement.

When adding the endorsement outside of the initial or renewal application, instructors will only receive a wall certificate that includes the instructor training provider endorsement.