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Order Course Completion Certificates

Schools may finish using any certificates obtained from DPS before ordering new ones from TDLR.

Please place certificate orders 90 days in advance to avoid delay of receiving certificates

Ordering Certificates

To order course completion certificates for your school, please submit a completed Motorcycle Certificate Order Form (PDF). There is no fee to order certificates.

Completed and signed order forms can be submitted by:

Orders without a signature on the order form received by the Department will not be processed. No exceptions.


As per Texas Administrative Code §98.72, a school must implement effective protective measures to ensure that unissued course completion certificates are secured.

As per Texas Administrative Code §98.72, a school must maintain, for three calendar years, records of courses conducted and individuals who receive course completion certificates.

As per Texas Administrative Code §98.70 and 98.72, instructors and schools must not complete, issue, or validate a certificate of course completion to a person who has not successfully completed the course.