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Motorcycle Training Range Site Approval

Entities seeking to obtain approval for a Motorcycle Operator Training School Range must follow the steps below to obtain approval from TDLR to operate a motorcycle training course at a range site location.

Approval from Curriculum Provider

1. submit range request to provider; 2. provider approves; 3. Applicant sends application and provider approval to TDLR; 4. TDLR approves or denies.

Schools must obtain an approval letter from each curriculum provider (Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Total Control) where curriculum is obtained.

The approval letter must authorize your school to teach the range curriculum specifically on the range that you are requesting approval for.

The approval must be in the form of a letter from the curriculum provider.

Photographs of Range

You must include with your application materials a series of photos of the range.

Before taking photos, place a visible marker (i.e.: large traffic cones, people, chairs) at each corner of the proposed range. Only four markers are needed, using extra markers makes it difficult for the reviewer to identify the actual range area. Be sure there are no vehicles, equipment, run-off, snow, etc. on the range.

Facility and Equipment Requirements

Range Application Form

To request range approval, submit a completed Range Application Form (PDF) with the required approval letter and photos.

If you are applying for a school license, please submit the range application form with the school application materials.