How to Apply for a New Assistant in Speech-Language Pathology License

Application and Fee

To apply for a new assistant in speech-language pathology license, you must submit a completed application form (Apply Online or see Assistant in Speech-Language Pathology Application Form PDF) along with the $150 application fee (includes two-year initial license).

You will have 1 year from the date the application was submitted to complete all licensing requirements. If you have not met all licensing requirements within the 1 year period, you will be required to submit a new application and all required materials in addition to paying a new application fee.

Educational Requirements

You must hold a bachelor's degree (or higher) with an emphasis in speech-language pathology and/or audiology to apply for an assistant in speech-language pathology license.


An original or certified copy of your academic transcript(s) must be provided. The transcript cannot be faxed. Electronic transcript(s) will be accepted if emailed to from the university’s secure site. We do not accept electronic transcripts from the applicant.

Other Degrees

If you have a bachelor's degree with a major that is not in communicative sciences or disorders, you may still qualify for the assistant license. The department will evaluate transcripts on a case-by-case basis to ensure equivalent academic preparation. All applicants must have at least 24 semester credit hours in communicative sciences or disorders, including at least three hours in language disorders and at least three hours in speech disorders. For further information on evaluation of coursework, please contact

Clinical Observation and Experience

If any hours of clinical experience and/or clinical observation were obtained through a university training program, a Clinical Observation and Experience Form for Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (PDF) form, must be completed by the university program director or designee of the training program and submitted by the applicant. This form documents 25 hours of clinical observation and 25 hours of clinical assisting experience.

Clinical Deficiencies

For applicants who did not previously obtain all of the 25 hours of clinical observation and 25 hours of clinical assisting experience, an Assistant in Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Deficiency Plan Form (PDF) may be used to obtain and document the needed hours under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist. The clinical observation and clinical experience hours may not be obtained under the Clinical Deficiency Plan until the assistant license has been issued.

Supervisory Requirements

An assistant in speech-language pathology must work under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist who agrees to assume responsibility for all services provided by the assistant.

You must propose a supervisory relationship with a licensed speech-language pathologist and be added to your proposed supervisor’s license before supervision may begin.

Applicants should submit a Speech Language Pathology Supervisory Responsibility Statement Form (PDF) completed by the licensed supervisor who agrees to accept responsibility for the services provided by the assistant.

Your supervisor must have at least two years of professional experience in providing direct client services, which may include an internship year (clinical fellowship) year. Your supervisor may not supervise more than a total of four interns and/or assistants at one time, and your supervisor must not be your parent or child.

Note: Supervisors must be approved by the department prior to supervising assistants.

Add, Delete, or Change Supervisor

You may not practice without supervision. Your supervisor is required to notify TDLR of any changes in supervision. Supervisors may use the online licensing system to delete licensed assistants from their license, or they may submit a letter to TDLR stating termination of supervision.

Your new proposed supervisor must submit a new Supervisory Responsibility Statement to TDLR for approval. Assistants who currently have a license with TDLR may be added and removed online using the online licensing system. For further assistance, please see the instructions for managing assistants online (PDF).

Supervisors must be approved by the department prior to supervising assistants.

Examination Requirements

Applicants must provide proof of successfully completing the Texas Jurisprudence Examination when submitting an application.

Criminal History Evaluation

All new applicants must submit fingerprints for a national criminal history record review. Once your completed application is received by TDLR, instructions on how to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted will be emailed to you.

Having a criminal conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from licensure. Texas allows you to have your criminal history evaluated before submitting your application and non-refundable fees. Please see Guidelines for License Applicants with Criminal Convictions for further information.