How to Apply for a New Intern in Speech-Language Pathology License

The purpose of an intern in speech-language pathology license is to complete the necessary requirements to obtain a speech-language pathology license.

Application and Fee

To apply for a new intern in speech-language pathology license, you must submit a completed application form (Apply Online or see Intern in Speech-Language Pathology Application Form - PDF) along with the $75 application fee (includes one-year initial license).

Note: When applying online, you must select the "Speech Language Pathologist Online Initial" application type. During the application process, you will be allowed select an "Intern in Speech Language Pathology" attribute for the license type.

You will have 1 year from the date the application was submitted to complete all licensing requirements. If you have not met all licensing requirements within the 1 year period, you will be required to submit a new application and all required materials in addition to paying a new application fee.

Educational Requirements

You must hold a master's degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university with a major in one of the areas of communicative sciences or disorders to apply for an intern in speech-language pathology license.


An original or certified copy of academic transcript(s) must be included with your application form. The transcript cannot be faxed. Electronic transcript(s) will be accepted if emailed from the university’s secure site. We do not accept electronic transcripts from the applicant.

Course Work and Clinical Experience

If an applicant is applying before the transcript shows a conferred degree, the applicant must submit the transcript and an Intern in Speech-Language Pathology Course Work and Clinical Experience Form. An Intern in Speech-Language Pathology Course Work and Clinical Experience Form (PDF) must be completed by the university program director or designee, which verifies the applicant has met all academic and clinical requirements for the graduate degree.

Graduation Pending

If you have already completed all required coursework, but have not yet received your degree, you may still apply for the Intern in Speech-Language Pathology license by submitting an original or certified copy of transcript(s) along with your application and the Intern in Speech-Language Pathology Course Work and Clinical Experience Form (PDF), completed by the university’s program director.

Non-Accredited Colleges or Universities

If you graduated from a college or university with a program that was not accredited by the ASHA Council on Academic Accreditation, an original signed letter from ASHA must be included with your application, stating the Council for Clinical Certification has accepted the coursework and clinical experience.

Graduate Degree in Audiology

An applicant who possesses a graduate degree with a major in audiology and is pursuing a license in speech-language pathology may apply if TDLR has an original transcript showing completion of a master's degree with a major in audiology on file and a letter from the program director or designee of the college or university stating that the individual completed enough hours to establish a graduate-level major in speech-language pathology and would meet the academic and clinical experience requirements for a license as a speech-language pathologist.

Supervisory Requirements

An intern in speech-language pathology must work with a licensed speech-language pathologist who agrees to assume responsibility for all services provided by the intern.

Internship Supervision

For initial licensure as an intern in speech-language pathology, an internship supervisor must be designated by and submitted to TDLR for approval on a Speech-Language Pathology Intern Plan and Agreement of Supervision Form (PDF) which is completed by the supervisor and signed by both the applicant and the supervisor. The internship cannot begin until the intern license has been issued and the intern is listed on the supervisor's license.

Internships must consist of 36 weeks of full-time (35 hours per week) supervised professional experience (or its part-time equivalent of supervised professional experience) totaling a minimum of 1,260 hours. Part-time work can be completed, as long as the intern works no less than 5 hours per week. Working more than 35 hours per week will not shorten the minimum requirement of 36 weeks.

  • At least 80% of the internship week shall be spent in direct client contract (assessment / diagnosis / evaluation, screening, habilitation / rehabilitation) and activities related to client management.
  • The Internship shall be divided into three segments with no fewer than 36 clock hours of supervisory activities, including 6 hours per segment of face-to-face on-site observation of the intern’s contact with clients and 6 hours per segment of other monitoring activities.

Your supervisor must have at least two years of professional experience in providing direct client services, which may include an internship year (clinical fellowship) year. Your supervisor may not supervise more than a total of four interns and/or assistants at one time, and they must not be your parent or child.

If multiple supervisors will share responsibility for the intern, each supervisor must complete and sign a separate Speech-Language Pathology Intern Plan and Agreement of Supervision Form (PDF).

Add, Delete, or Change Internship Supervisor

You must submit a completed Report of Completed Speech-Language Pathology Internship Form (PDF) to TDLR within 30 days of terminated supervision. Both intern and supervisor must complete and sign this report.

If you are continuing your internship under a new supervisor, your new proposed supervisor must submit a new Intern Plan and Agreement of Supervision form, using either the online system or the Speech-Language Pathology Intern Plan and Agreement of Supervision Form (PDF). Supervisors must be approved by the department prior to supervising interns.

Examination Requirements

Applicants must provide proof of successfully completing the Texas Jurisprudence Examination when submitting an application.

Criminal History Evaluation

All new applicants must submit fingerprints for a national criminal history record review. Once your completed application is received by TDLR, instructions on how to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted will be emailed to you. If you previously submitted fingerprints for a Texas speech-language pathology assistant license, you do not need to submit fingerprints again.

Having a criminal conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from licensure. Texas allows you to have your criminal history evaluated before submitting your application and non-refundable fees. Please see Guidelines for License Applicants with Criminal Convictions for further information.

Upgrade to Speech-Language Pathologist

Interns in speech-language pathology are eligible to upgrade their license type to speech-language pathologist when they have met the 1,260-hour internship requirement and passed the Praxis exam.

Please see the Intern Upgrade to Speech-Language Pathologist License page for complete details on the application process.