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What to Expect During Inspections

The department may conduct inspections or investigations, with or without notice, of any persons involved with mold-related activity for compliance with Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 16, Chapter 78 and Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1958

The information included in this document is intended to provide clear and consistent expectations and better prepare individuals for a successful inspection.

Getting Started

The Inspector will arrive, introduce themself, and present a State ID and business card. The Inspector’s State ID contains the inspector’s employee number.

The department or the department's representative or designee, upon presenting identification, shall have the right to enter any area or environment, including but not limited to any containment area, building, construction site, storage or office area, or vehicle to review records, to question any person, or to locate, identify, or assess areas of mold growth for the purpose of inspection and investigation for compliance with this chapter.

The Inspector will ask to speak to the individual in charge. If the individual in charge is not available, the inspection will still proceed. Individuals must cooperate with the inspector during the inspection. Non-cooperation will result in a violation reported to an enforcement prosecutor.

If you would like to confirm an inspector’s identity, please call our customer service division at 800-803-9202. One of our representatives will verify the inspector’s name and employee number.

Who Gets Inspected?

The Department may inspect or investigate the business practices of any persons involved with mold-related activity for compliance with all Mold Assessor and Remediator laws and rules.

Health and safety standards are everyone’s responsibility. A violation of a single health and safety requirement may result in an enforcement action against an individual or company.

What Will Inspectors Look For?

Notification and Licensure

Worksite Records

Worksite Activities

Results of Inspections

After the inspector completes the inspection, the inspector will review the inspection results with the individual in charge, manager or representative. The inspector will ask for a signature indicating that the inspection has been completed. The facility person in charge, manager, or representative will receive an electronic copy of the inspection report. Any work practice deficiencies that are noted by the inspection will be discussed and corrected if possible during the inspection.