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Mold Training Course Approval

Courses without Approval

Accredited training providers may offer without department approval, mold remediation worker training courses and other courses relevant to mold-related activities, including, but not limited to, courses on respirator training and compliance. Approved instructors must be used in the offering of mold remediation worker training courses.

Application and Fee

Submit a completed Mold Training Course Approval Application (PDF) along with the required $100 application fee. Each application for course approval must be made on a separate application form.

The fee may be waived for an initial mold training course or continuing education mold training course that is submitted at the same time as an application for mold training provider accreditation.

Curriculum Information

Training providers must provide the department with the title of each course along with a detailed outline of the course curriculum. The outline should contain the specific topics taught, the amount of time allotted to each topic, and the amount and type of hands-on training for each topic.

Facilities and Equipment

Submit a description of the facilities and equipment available for use during lectures and hands-on training.

Also provide the names of all approved course instructors. Any changes to your approved instructors must be provided to the department within 15 days. Be prepared to provide the qualifications of each instructor upon request by the department.

Course Materials

Include with your application a copy of the course test blueprint. The blueprint should include proportions of test questions devoted to each major topic in the course.

Additionally, include copies of all course materials, such as student manuals, instructor notebooks, handouts and any other course-related materials. Materials should be provided in all languages for which the curriculum is offered to students.

Certificates of Completion

Providers must include with their applications a copy of the course completion certificate that will be issued to the students upon completion of the course. This certificate must contain the following information:

Instructional Requirements

Course instructors and guest speakers are required to present in-person during at least 50% of the classroom instruction and for all hands-on instruction.

Standards for Attendance

Course instructors shall maintain an attendance record for each course and take attendance at the beginning of each 4-hour instruction segment. A student who is absent from more than 10% of the course instruction, including hands-on sessions and field trips, is ineligible to complete the course.

Practical Instruction

Courses requiring hands-on practical training must be presented in an environment that permits each student to have actual experience performing tasks associated with the mold-related activity.

Combining Topics

Training courses shall address only one license type and shall not be combined with other areas of licensure.

Initial training courses shall not be combined with continuing education courses.

Languages of Instruction

Training providers shall conduct each course in one language throughout the course.

A training provider may offer a course in a language other than English, if all instructors and guest speakers are fluent in that language and all books, training materials and course tests are offered in the same language.

Maximum Number of Students

The maximum number of students in a lecture session shall be 40.

Hands-on training sessions shall maintain a student-to-instructor ratio of not more than 15 to one.

Consumer Complaint Information

Consumer complaint information must be provided to each student for purposes of directing complaints to the department. This information must include the department’s name, web address, mailing address and telephone number.

Changes to a Course

Any changes to the course, the documentation, or the course certificate, must be provided to the department for approval before being implemented.

After Course Completion

You must provide a roster (see Mold Training Roster - MS Word) to the department within 7 calendar days after the completion date of each course. The roster must include the names and number identifiers of each student who attended the course.