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Apply for a New Mold Assessment or Remediation Company License

Application and Fee

To apply for a new Mold Assessment Company license or Mold Remediation Company license, submit a completed online application form along with the $850 license fee. All owners with a10% or more ownership of this business must be listed on the license application form.

You may also apply using the paper form:

Office in Texas

A licensed mold assessment company or mold remediation company must maintain an office in Texas.

An in-state physical address must be listed on your license application. P.O. boxes are not allowed.

Insurance Requirements

Licensed mold assessment companies and mold remediation companies are required to obtain commercial general liability insurance in the amount of not less than $1 million per occurrence. This insurance coverage must be maintained for the duration of the license, and proof of insurance should be submitted to the department along with your application.

A non-governmental entity, such as a business or an individual, may be "self-insured" if the business or individual submits to the department a signed affidavit stating that the business or individual has a net worth of at least $1 million. A current financial statement indicating a net worth of at least $1 million must accompany the affidavit. A new affidavit and current financial statement must be submitted with each renewal application.

Governmental entities that are self-insured are not required to purchase this insurance.

Download the Certificate of Insurance Form (PDF)

Responsible Person

A mold assessment company must have at least one licensed mold assessment consultant to act as the company’s responsible person.

A mold remediation company must have at least one licensed mold remediation contractor to act as the company’s responsible person.