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Texans Can Apply to be a Volunteer Member of the New Mold Assessment and Remediation Advisory Board

Texans interested in serving as volunteer members of the new Texas Department of Licensing Regulation (TDLR) Mold Assessment and Remediation Advisory Board have until September 22 to apply for one of 11 slots on the board. Members will serve staggered six-year terms.

Senate Bill 1213 (88th Legislature, Regular Session created the board and requires that members be appointed no later than Dec. 1, 2023. The board will provide technical knowledge and industry expertise to TDLR and the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation.

Members of the new advisory board will include:

  • Three members who are licensed and engaged in mold assessment as consultants;
  • Three members who are licensed and engaged in mold remediation as contractors;
  • Two members who are building contractors principally engaged in home construction and who are members of a statewide building trade association;
  • One member who is a representative of the insurance industry;
  • One member who is a representative of an accredited mold training provider; and
  • One member who represents the public.

Board members will be appointed by the Chair of the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation and approved by members of the Commission.

As volunteers, members of the board are not compensated; they must cover their own expenses if they need to travel to Austin as part of their duties. Most TDLR advisory boards and commissions meet via videoconference, so any travel may be limited.

Anyone interested in serving as a member of the board can submit an application online. All applications will be considered, and TDLR will contact applicants who were chosen to serve on the board.

On The Level - July 2023 Edition

Articles in the July 2023 edition of TDLR On The Level include:

  • Legislative Update
  • Texas Accessibility Academy Update
  • 2023 NEC Is Almost Here
  • Legislation Creates Mold Advisory Board

Beware Of People Posing As TDLR Inspectors

Inspectors for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will never request or accept money under any circumstances while calling, visiting or conducting an inspection.

Real TDLR inspectors will:

  • introduce themselves;
  • show their State of Texas employee ID card;
  • provide their contact information upon request; and
  • provide their TDLR business card upon request.

Real TDLR inspectors cannot and will not:

  • accept payment for license fees;
  • request money for violations; or
  • charge for inspections.

If someone posing as a TDLR employee approaches or calls you, please contact TDLR and law enforcement immediately. Impersonating a public servant is a third-degree felony in Texas.

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