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Change of Location for Establishments

License Non-Transferrable

A barbering or cosmetology establishment license cannot be "transferred" to a new location.

If an establishment (other than a mobile establishment) changes location, you must apply for a new license, pay all fees, and meet the requirements.

New License Requirements

The requirements for a new license can be found on the establishment licensing page.

The new owner must apply for a new license within 30 days after the change of ownership.

Un-Licensed Activity

An establishment license is connected to a specific location. After changing location, you cannot operate your establishment until the new license has been issued.

Operating without a license may subject you to fines and penalties.


Changing Suite Number

To change the suite number of your mini-establishment within the same gallery, please submit your written request to our secure webform and include the following information:

Once the change has been reflected in the TDLR license search, you can order a duplicate license with the updated information. The fee for the new license is $25.

If you are within 90 days of your expiration date, you can avoid paying the duplicate license fee by submitting the required information with your renewal application.

Moving to a Different Address

If you move to another gallery (i.e., another physical address, whether it's across the street or across town), then you will need to re-apply with a new application.

Apply for a New License