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Forms and Publications for Schools

License Application

School License Application Form (PDF)

School Duplicate License Request Form (PDF)

Changes to Name or Location

School Name Change Form (PDF)

School Change of Location Form (PDF)

Forms for Students

Student Permit Application (PDF)

Student Placement Report (PDF)

Notice of Potential Ineligibility For License (PDF)

Tuition Refunds

Tuition and Refund Calculation Worksheet (PDF)

School Curriculum Approval Applications

Title Hours
Cosmetology Operator Curriculum (PDF) 1000 or 300
Class A Barber Curriculum (PDF) 1000 or 300
Esthetician Curriculum (PDF) 750
Hair Weaving Specialist / Esthetician Curriculum (PDF) 800
Manicurist / Esthetician Curriculum (PDF) 800
Eyelash Extension Specialist Curriculum (PDF) 320
Hair Weaving Specialist Curriculum (PDF) 300
Manicurist Curriculum (PDF) 600