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Apply for a New School License

The application process for new schools can be lengthy, and all requirements must be met before approval will be granted. Please submit your application at the earliest possible date to avoid delays.

Our staff works diligently to approve all school and curriculum applications as soon as possible. All applications are processed in the order received, and therefore TDLR cannot specify a length of time for the review and approval process.

Schools must not enroll students until the inspection has been successfully completed and the school license has been received.

Application and Fee

To apply for a new private school license, please submit a completed Texas Barber or Cosmetology School License Application (PDF) along with the non-refundable $580 fee, which includes the cost of an inspection.

All requirements must be met within one year of the date the application is received, or the application will be deemed void.

School licenses are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Required Business Information

For Private Schools

Private Schools are classified as private businesses that offer instruction and training services to post-secondary students in exchange for tuition and fees.

Please include the following documentation with your application materials:

  1. Proof of ownership of the building, or proof of lease for the first 12 months of operation (signed, dated, all pages included)
  2. Detailed information on all owner(s) of the business (to be provided on the application form)
  3. A current financial statement prepared by a certified public accountant
    (see Information About Financial Reviews for Schools)
  4. The school curriculum approval application and certification statement of required documentation (see Curriculum Approval, below)

For Public Schools

Public Schools are defined as being part of a public high-school, a public junior-college, community-college, or any other nonprofit tax-exempt institution.

Please include the school curriculum approval application and certification statement of required documentation with your application materials (see Curriculum Approval, below).

Curriculum Approval

To obtain curriculum approval, submit with your application materials a completed curriculum approval application for each type of training that you intend to offer.

You may only offer curriculum that has been approved by the department. If you want to add new curriculum you must submit the appropriate form (above) and certification statement of required documentation for your course.

Curriculum content must meet the requirements of Texas Occupations Code 1603.2307 and 16 Texas Administrative Code, §83.202.

Distance Education

If you are also seeking approval for distance education, please complete the Distance Education section of the curriculum approval application.

Schools offering distance education are subject to additional responsibilities and criteria for inspections. See the School Distance Education Responsibilities page for more information.

Initial Inspections

Once your school application has been approved and all requirements have been met, which includes the approval of the curriculum, you will be sent an Initial School Inspection Request Form. You will be required to verify that all required equipment has been installed and that the facility is ready for inspection. Once this information is received, an inspector will contact you to schedule your initial inspection.

For an overview of the inspection process, please see the inspections guide webpage.

You must meet all requirements for licensure within one year of the date the application is received, or the application will be deemed void.

Operational Requirements

School owners will be responsible for understanding and complying with all relevant sections of the law and administrative rules, including:

Instructor Requirements

A person who holds a practitioner license may provide instruction in any service the license authorizes the person to perform. The law does not provide for an instructor license.

Schools must have at least one instructor on duty for each 25 students in attendance, including evening classes. An instructor must be physically present during all practical curriculum standard activities, and physically present or participating through distance education for theory curriculum standard activities. No credit for instructional hours can be granted to a student unless such hours are accrued under the supervision of an instructor.

Student Permits on File

Schools must maintain one album to display each student permit, including affixed picture, of each enrolled student. The permits shall be displayed in alphabetical order by last name, then alphabetical order by first name, and, if more than one student has the same name, by student permit number.

Notice of Potential Ineligibility for License

Schools must notify each applicant for admission and enrolled student that TDLR's criminal conviction guidelines prohibit individuals who have been convicted of certain offenses from holding specific occupational licenses. You can provide evidence of meeting this requirement by maintaining a copy of a completed Notice of Potential Ineligibility For License (PDF) form for each prospective and enrolled student.

Failure to provide students with this information may result in mandatory refunds of tuition and other fees to the student.

Records Retention

A school must maintain and have available for a department and/or student inspection the following documents for a period of the student's enrollment through 48 months after the student completes the curriculum standards, withdraws, or is terminated:

  1. Daily record of attendance
  2. If a time clock is used, the following documents:
    1. time clock records
    2. Time clock failure and repair records
    3. field trip records in accordance with §83.202(f)(4)
  3. All other relevant documents that account for a student's credit