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Relocation of a School

Any relocation of a licensed school must be approved by TDLR prior to instructing students at the new location.

Application and Fees

Please ensure the school's license is current prior to submitting a change of location application.

To begin your application for relocation, submit the following documentation and fees to TDLR by mail:

Inspection Procedures

Once the application and all required materials have been received, you will receive an email regarding the inspection process that includes an Inspection Request Form.

You will be required to verify that all required equipment has been installed and that the facility is ready for inspection. Once this information is received, an inspector will contact you to schedule your inspection.

For an overview of the inspection process, please see the inspections guide webpage.

If the school passes inspection, you will be issued a revised license.

If the school did not pass inspection, the inspector will go over the requirements to pass the inspection. Once the items that are listed on the inspection report have been corrected, you will be required to provide documentation showing the items have been corrected.

Schools may not move students to the new location until the inspection has been passed.

You must meet all requirements for licensure within 12 months of the filing date, or the application will be terminated.

Issuance of Revised License

Upon successful completion of inspection and approval from TDLR, you will be issued a revised license reflecting the new physical address of the school.

The revised license does not renew the school's license, and you will still be responsible for renewing before your license expires.

Help and Support

If you require assistance with the relocation process, please contact the Education and Examination division and our staff will assist you.