Forms and Publications for Individuals

License Applications

Use these forms when applying for a new practitioner license (Class A Barber, Cosmetology Operator, Esthetician, Manicurist, Manicurist/Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Specialist, Hair Weaving Specialist, or Hair Weaving Specialist/Esthetician) or a student permit.

You may also apply online in most cases.

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Barbering or Cosmetology Practitioner License Application (PDF)
Use when applying for a new barbering or cosmetology Practitioner license of any type
You may also apply online for a new license


Student Permit Application Form (PDF)

For students enrolled in a licensed school


Occupational License Application Claiming to Have No Social Security Number (PDF)



Law and Rules Books

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Law and Rules Books Order Form (PDF)
Use this form to purchase a printed copy of the Law and Rules Book
You may also order the current laws and rules book online.



Change of Name, Address, or Personal Information

Use this form when you need to update your license with changes to your information and to request that a new license with the updated information be mailed to you.

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Notice of Change and Duplicate License Request (PDF)



Change of License Status

Use this form to request that your license be moved to either inactive status, or back to active status.

Document Title Form Number

Request for a Change in License Status (PDF)



Duplicate License Request

Use this form when you need to update your license with changes to your information, or to request a duplicate license be mailed to you.

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Notice of Change and Duplicate License Request (PDF)
You may also order a duplicate license online.



Expired Licenses

Use these forms to request renewal of a license that has been expired for less than three years. Licenses that have been expired for more than three years are not eligible for renewal.

Document Title Form Number

Request to Executive Director for Expired License Renewal (PDF)


Expired Barbering and Cosmetology License Application (PDF)



Please see Texas Occupations Code, Section 51.401 for rules regarding renewal of expired licenses and associated fees.

Out-of-State or Out-of-Country Applicants

If you are applying for a Texas license using out of state credentials, please see the Apply for a Cosmetology or Barbering License by Equivalence page.

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License by Reciprocity Application (PDF)
Use this form if you hold a license in another state that has substantially equivalent licensing requirements.


Letter of Certification and Transcript of Hours Request (PDF)
Use this form if you currently hold a Texas license and you want to apply in another state


Transcript Evaluation Form (PDF)

Used to verify training and education that was received outside of the 50 US states



Criminal History and Disciplinary Actions

Use these forms if you need to report disciplinary actions or criminal convictions as part of your license application.

Document Title Form Number

Criminal History Questionnaire (PDF)


Disciplinary Action Questionnaire (PDF)


Criminal History Evaluation Letter



Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses

Use this form as a supplement to your license application if you are an active duty military service member, veteran, or spouse of a military member and you want to have fees, education and/or examination requirements waived.

For details, see Information for Military Servicemembers, Veterans, and Spouses.

Document Title

Military Service Member, Military Veteran, or Military Spouse Supplemental Application (PDF)