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Ten Most Common Code Violations in Establishment Inspections

1. Establishments not clean and not in good repair

2. Failure to have rest room on or near premises without stored chemicals

3. Failed to provide a list of all independent contractors and mini-establishments working in the establishment

4. Failure to prepare fresh disinfectant daily or more often if solution becomes diluted or soiled

5. Failure to attach current photograph to the front of license, certificate, or permit

6. Failure to display Notification of Public Interest Information and Participation

7. Failed to post the most recent inspection report

8. Failed to maintain a list of all renters

9. Failure to store clean implements in a clean, dry, debris-free environment or failure to separate clean implements from soiled implements or non-cosmetology supplies.

10. Failure to keep all products used in the conduct of business properly labeled in compliance with OSHA requirements