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Request a Letter of Certification or Transcript of Hours

If you are leaving Texas, you may be able to use your current credentials to apply for a new license in another state.

Find Out What You Need

You will need to contact the agency that issues barbering or cosmetology licenses in the state to which you are moving.

Inform them that you want to use your current credentials to apply for a new license, and that you've already completed your education and training.

They will let you know what documents you'll need to apply for a license.

Proof of Your Texas Credentials

TDLR can provide a Letter of Certification and/or an Official Transcript at your request.

To request a letter of certification or transcript, please complete and submit Letter of Certification and Transcript of Hours Request along with the fee of $15.

Payments must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order. Please see the form for detailed instructions.

We're Here to Help

If you have any further questions or need to submit any documentation, please contact us.