Licensee Guide to Virtual Inspection Process

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Virtual inspections are a convenient and efficient way to conduct inspections. Time, travel resources, security, and safety concerns can all prohibit inspectors from traveling to inspection sites. With technology, we can perform virtual inspections by conducting interviews, gathering images, performing virtual walk-throughs, and transferring documents electronically.

Virtual inspections are available for certain TDLR licensees. Licensees must have access to the minimum level of technology as recommended below.

The virtual inspection is coordinated with the licensee, owner, manager, or the representative at the inspection site. That representative must commit to being available for the duration of the inspection.

Benefits of Virtual Inspections

  • Minimizes disruption of business activities
  • Streamlines the inspection process
  • Reduces potential exposure for customers, licensees, and inspectors in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, or emergency

Equipment and Software:

  • iPhone 6 or higher model or equivalent Android phone, iPad or tablet with Wi-Fi and cellular connections
  • May use Google Duo, FaceTime, or another approved platform
  • iPhone portable charger (optional)

How Virtual Inspections Work


  • A TDLR inspector will contact your facility to determine if you have access to the minimum level of technology to successfully complete a virtual inspection.
  • The inspector will provide two inspection dates and times for you to choose.
  • The Inspector will send an email to confirm the date and time of the inspection.
  • The inspector will show their TDLR identification, send a picture of their business card, and explain how the inspection will be conducted.
  • Using the agreed-upon technology and platform, the inspector will call you at the designated time and date.


The inspector will ask you to:

  • Show an exterior view of your business to look for signage, hours of operation, address, etc.
  • Enter your business and move through the facility from left to right, systematically walking through each room.
  • Periodically stop so they can verify postings, get close-up views of equipment, and take photos, if necessary.

Documentation and Review of Inspection Findings

The inspector will:

  • Add any findings to a Proof of Inspection (POI) form, discuss any findings, answer all questions, and send the POI to your business email.