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Mini-Establishment FAQs

For information about licensing, see Apply for an Establishment License

1. What is a Mini-Establishment?

A Mini-Establishment is a room or suite (leased or rented) inside of a barbering or cosmetology establishment to be used for barbering or cosmetology services. The Mini-Establishment is a separate establishment operated independently from the gallery-establishment and any other Mini-Establishment. It must be enclosed with walls and separate from the common areas.


2. What are the requirements for a Mini-Establishment?

A Mini-Establishment must be located inside a licensed barbering or cosmetology establishment or a specialty establishment that contains rooms available to be used for barbering or cosmetology services. A Mini-Establishment must meet the same requirements as other establishment types. See 16 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 83, Section 83.71 for details.


3. Do business that lease space to Mini-Establishments need to have a license?

Yes. Businesses that lease space to Mini-Establishments must hold an establishment license. The gallery-establishment license may be a specialty license-type, such as esthetician establishment, manicurist establishment, etc. Mini-Establishments can only offer services that the gallery-establishment is licensed to offer.


4. Can I get a specialty Mini-Establishment license?

No. Licensees working in a Mini-Establishment may only perform the services allowed under the license type held by the gallery-establishment.


5. Who is responsible for getting the Mini-Establishment license?

The individual/entity leasing the room, or the owner of the gallery-establishment, may obtain the Mini-Establishment license.


6. Can a Mini-Establishment licensee allow others with a Barbering or Cosmetology license to work in their Mini-Establishment?

Yes, if they are properly licensed. Mini-Establishment licensees must maintain the name, license number, and license expiration date of each person working in the establishment.


7. Who is responsible for maintaining the common areas and shared equipment inside a Barbering-Cosmetology Establishment?

The gallery-establishment owner is responsible for maintaining all common areas and shared equipment.


8. Do I need to re-apply for a new Mini-Establishment license when moving from one suite to another in the same gallery-establishment?

See the Change of Location for Establishments page for information on moving a mini-establishment.


9. Are we required to display the Mini-Establishment license at the place of business?

Yes. The license must be displayed inside the Mini-Establishment at all times.