Laws and Rules

Important Changes to Texas Barbering Law

A new law passed in 2021, House Bill 1560 (87R), merges the Barbering and Cosmetology programs at TDLR.

This change repeals the individual barbering law (Occupations Code 1601) and expands the “Barbering and Cosmetology” law in Occupations Code 1603.

TDLR may continue to issue licenses and disciplinary actions under Occupations Code 1601 and the rules under Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 82 until the new law is implemented and new administrative rules adopted. These changes will be implemented before September 1, 2023.

Texas Laws

Name Code Chapter PDF Word
Barbering and Cosmetology Law Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1603 PDF Word
Barbering Law Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1601 PDF
TDLR Enabling Law Texas Occupations Code Chapter 51 PDF Word


Rules and Regulations

Name Code Chapter Chapter Request
Barbering Administrative Rules
(For Occupations Code 1601)
Texas Admin Code Chapter 82 Link
TDLR Procedural Rules Texas Admin Code Chapter 60 Link
TDLR Administrative Rules Texas Admin Code Chapter 55 Link


Rulemaking Actions

Rule Action Date Notice
Texas Admin Code Ch. 82 Adopted Amendments 12/23/22 Justification