Cosmetology School Closure Information for Students

Students enrolled in schools that have since closed will have the opportunity for their completed credit hours to transfer to another school. TDLR will attempt to arrange for students enrolled in the closed school to attend another beauty school.

Stay Informed

When a school closes, TDLR will provide updates on Facebook, Twitter and the TDLR website. You may also want to sign up to receive email notifications from the Department. We will also keep the schools informed and updated with current information regarding specific situations.

Please check your school website for possible closure information and procedures.

Student Financial Aid

If you received federal student aid while enrolled at a cosmetology school that is now closed, please refer to the U. S. Department of Education and review the “Announcements” where you will find closed school information.

Transferring Your Credit Hours

After your school has closed, you should contact other schools in your area. Identify yourself as a student from a closed cosmetology school, and make arrangements for enrollment. After you make an enrollment agreement with a school, have the school contact TDLR to verify your enrollment.

After you receive your transcript from the closed school, please provide a copy of your transcript to the department. When you provide the copy of your transcript please include your name and student permit number. The information can be emailed to After we receive a copy of your transcript, we will report any missing hours which have not been reported by the closed school.


If you believe that you should be eligible to take the Texas cosmetology licensing exams, but you have not received your exam eligibility from the closed school, please contact the Education Division and explain that you are needing your exam eligibility. Be sure to provide your name and student permit number.

You may also check your exam eligibility status online.

Tuition Refunds

Students who are placed in another cosmetology school with no significant changes in the quality of the training will not be entitled to a refund of tuition and fees, as these fees will transfer to the new school.

Students who cannot be placed in another school, your tuition and fees shall be refunded in accordance with Occupations Code §1602.458.

If you refuse enrollment in another school that is deemed reasonable and equivalent in quality of training, then your tuition and fees will be refunded under the withdrawal or termination of students refund policy of the closed school.

If funds are available in the Private Beauty Culture School Tuition Protection Account, all refunds due will be paid. Otherwise, TDLR will pay claims on a prorated basis from money available in the account. This account is not intended to pay for attorney’s fees, court costs, or other damages.

Requesting a Refund

A closed beauty school has up to 30 days to issue refunds of tuition and fees to students.

If you were enrolled as a student at a closed cosmetology school, and you also believe you are owed a refund of some or all of the tuition you paid to the closed school, then please contact the Education Division.

To help prove that the closed school owes you money for education which you paid for but did not receive, please include the following types of documents:

  • The most current version of your signed enrollment contract with the closed school
  • Any receipts that show that the closed school received funds from you – whether you paid the school with a credit card, or by money order, or through a direct deposit, or by check or cash, etc.
  • Any invoices from the closed school dated on or near the date it closed, and that show a balance was owed to you by the school
  • Your student permit number