Renew a Cosmetology School License

Begin your renewal as soon as you receive the renewal form to avoid delays. License renewal may take up to several weeks.

You are responsible for renewing your license before the expiration date, and you will not be excused from paying additional fees or penalties. Failure to receive notification prior to the expiration date of the license, will not excuse failure to apply for renewal or late renewal.

Application and Fee

TDLR will mail out renewal forms approximately 60 days prior to your school license expiration date. It is your responsibility to renew your school license before it expires. Be mindful of your expiration date, and contact TDLR if you have not received a renewal form. Be sure to include your school’s name and license number with your request.

Please remember that if you do not keep your mailing address information up-to-date with our office, your renewal notice may not reach you. Failure to receive a renewal form does NOT excuse you from late fees.

If you do not receive a renewal form by mail within 60 days of your renewal, please contact

If you do not receive your license within 14 days after submitting your completed renewal application, please contact us at or at (800) 803-9202.

Relocation of a School

For a change of location, email the Education and Examination Division at