Barber Forms

License and Permit Applications

BAR001 Barber License by Examination Application (42K PDF)

BAR005 Barber License by Reciprocity Application (51K PDF)

BAR006 Barber Hair Weaving Specialty Certificate (New Application) (41K PDF)

BAR007 Barber Notice of Change and Duplicate License Request (36K PDF)

BAR008 Barber Student Permit Application (32K PDF)

BAR010 Barber Transcript Evaluation Form (37K PDF)

BAR022 Barber Out-of-Country License Application (1019K PDF)

Military Service Member, Military Veteran, or Military Spouse Supplemental Application (24KB PDF) - see Military Spouse Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational License Application Claiming to Have No Social Security Number

Request to Executive Director for Expired License Renewal Form (33KB PDF)

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Instructor Applications

NOTICE: HB 1560 (87th Texas Legislature regular session) eliminated all barber and cosmetology instructor licenses as of Sept. 1, 2021. A Class A Barber, Cosmetology Operator or Specialty license allows the holder to provide instruction in any service, within the scope of the license, at a licensed barber or cosmetology school.

If you attended an instructor course in Texas, please apply online. If you are unable to apply online, please complete and mail in the license application below.

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Shop and Booth Applications

BAR016 Barber Shop Permit Application (236K PDF)

BAR017 Barber Specialty Shop Permit Application (743K PDF)

BAR018 Dual Barber Shop and Cosmetology Salon License Application (98K PDF)

BAR002 Dual Mobile Barber Shop and Cosmetology Salon License Application (144K PDF)

BAR021 Mini-Barbershop Permit Application (749K PDF)

BAR009 Mobile Shop-Salon Itinerary (10K PDF)

BAR019 Barber Mobile Shop License Application (674K PDF)

Barber Booth Rental License - booth renters do not need to apply for or renew a booth rental license. All active barbering individual license holders are now authorized to rent booths as long as their barbering license is not expired. TDLR will no longer issue separate booth rental licenses. This change does not affect the relationship between barber shop owners and employees/independent contractors. Employees continue to be employees and independent contractors continue to be independent contractors. Barber shop owners must also continue to maintain a list of all employees and independent contractors renting a booth in their barber shop.

Mini-Salon/Shop, Employee and Independent Contractor List form (15K PDF) for barber shop owners

BAR020 Letter of Certification and Transcript of Hours Request (New Form) (37K PDF)

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School Applications

Please see the Barber School Forms page.

Rules, Books and Complaints

Barber Law and Rules Book Order Form (19KB download) (or purchase online)

Barber Health and Safety Rules (45KB download)

Form #007 ALL Complaint Form (97KB download)

Reporting Complaints Posting (14KB download)

Criminal History and Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Action Questionnaire (13KB download)

Criminal History Evaluation Letter

Criminal History Questionnaire (69KB download)

Whirlpool Footspa

Footspa Sanitation Requirements
en español (21KB)
viet (137KB)

Whirlpool Footspa Cleaning / Disinfection Record (11KB download)
en español (118KB)
viet (392KB)