Texas Licensed Barber School Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to open a new barber school?

Submit a Texas Barber School Permit Application along with the $500.00 fee. The $500.00 fee includes a $300.00 application fee and a $200.00 inspection fee.

Update to Building and Facility Requirements

In accordance with House Bill 2065 (85th Regular Session, 2017), on September 1, 2017 TDLR may no longer establish building or facility standards that are not related to Health and Safety removing the requirements of square footage, number of chairs, and number of sinks.

Requirements for a Texas Barber School Permit

For a barber school permit, please include the following with your application.

- A detailed floor plan showing classroom and practical areas covered in a hard-surface floor covering of tile or other suitable material and must also include access to restrooms, adequate drinking fountains, and adequate lighting for each room.

- The ownership information page which is included with the application. (private post- secondary only)

- The list of equipment that will be used to properly instruct students enrolled in the school.

- The barber school curriculum approval application and certification statement of required documentation.

- Proof of financial responsibility. (Not applicable for public or public post-secondary schools)

What is the process for scheduling a school inspection?

Once your Texas Barber school permit application has been approved, and all requirements have been met which includes the approval of the curriculum, then you will be notified by the department. You will be required to verify that all equipment has been installed, and that the facility is ready for inspection. Once this information is received, you will be contacted by an inspector to schedule your initial inspection.

How long does the review process take when applying for a new barber school license?

All applications are processed in the order received, and therefore our division cannot specify a length of time for the review and approval process. The application process can be lengthy and all requirements must be met before approval will be granted. Our staff works diligently to approve all school and curriculum applications as soon as possible.

Can I open a new barber school and enroll students while waiting for approval from the department?

No, students cannot be enrolled unless the school has passed inspection, been approved and their barber school license has been received.

If I hold a barber school license, can I offer any of the barber curriculum from 82.120 at our school?

You can only offer the curriculum which has been approved by the department. If you want to add new curriculum you must submit the Barber school curriculum approval application and certification statement of required documentation.

Distance Education

If you are also seeking approval for distance education, there is a separate form which must be submitted for approval, the cosmetology school distance education application.

What needs to be submitted for a Barber school name change?

Please submit the barber school name change application along with the $25.00 fee for the license to be re-printed under the new name.